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This event is made possible through the generous support of our sponsors.
Judges & Mediators
Each session will be mediated and evaluated by experienced professional mediators, judges or lawyers from across the globe.

2013 Judges and Mediators

Adam Wagman  Jamie Dunn
Alan Davis  Jim Vigmond
Anne Sone  Jonathan Flanders
Barb Macfarlane  Judy Neger
Barry Marta  Kathryn Watson
Bob Creo  Kileen Dagg Centurione
Christine Fotopoulos  Kimberly Cork
Cliff Hendler  Louie Reznick
David Levy  Louise Otis
David Young  Paul McCallen
Deborah Pressman  Paul Monicatti
Elana Fleischmann  Rick Russell
Eric Grossman  Shari Novick
Eric Sarner  Stacey Stevens
Esther Cantor  Susan Gunter
Flora Hoffman  Tiffany Little
George Frank  Tracy Allen
Hilary Linton  
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