The Advanced Mediation Advocacy Forum (AMAF) is a sharing of professional experiences designed to further develop practitioners' negotiation and communication skills in the mediation process. AMAF conference panelists offer a diverse range of perspectives that will allow participants to gain a better appreciation of the roles of the mediator, advocates and clients in the mediation process.

Advocates in Mediation (AIM) was founded in April 2008 in Toronto, Canada by Ms. Kileen Dagg Centurione and Mr. Cliff Hendler. AIM promotes mediation: a method of resolving disputes that enables the parties, through the use of an impartial third party mediator, to define settlement terms that will satisfy their individual needs and interests.

AIM offers education and training opportunities to advocates (law students, lawyers, insurance representatives and other professionals) to enhance the mediation experience and achieve the best results for their clients. Two such opportunities are: The Advanced Mediation Advocacy Forum (AMAF) and The International Competition for Mediation Advocacy (ICMA).

The International Competition for Mediation Advocacy (ICMA) is an annual educational event for law students. ICMA was created to assist with the development of mediation advocacy skills that are routinely exercised in the practice of law. This cross-cultural competition hosts law students, mediators, lawyers, and dispute resolution law faculty from around the world.